Embroidered Patches

Created using an embroidery machine using materials such as cotton twill base fabric and different colour threads your custom patch becomes a piece of artwork.  It conveys a theme, event or logo that commemorates your message.


In most cases a portion of the underlying base fabric becomes the background for the design, and the various thread colours make up the details of the design. There is a decorative stitch that covers the edge of the twill fabric to create the border of your custom embroidered emblem.


A custom embroidered badge is a great way to put your design or insignia on a garment without applying the decoration directly to the garment.


An custom embroidered badge that is heat applied to the front of a cap or shirt will look better than direct embroidery – the patch is sewn with no disruption from a garment seam and no need to worry about a curving surface. Plus, the heat transfer backing means no stitches run through to the inside of the garment!


This type of insignia is the most common patch we make. Customers like the fact that they are quick and easy!


Where can embroidered patches and badges be used?

They work great for uniforms, caps, jackets and shirts when you want maximum recognition and exposure. We use the highest quality fabrics and threads to make your embroidered emblems and patches.


There is a choice when it comes to the backings on your custom badge. Whether it be a sew on, iron on, self adhesive or hook and loop backing.


Let us know what your patch will be used for and we will assist you to make sure the finished product is perfect for your needs.


We are here to help you achieve the perfect product!