Military Patches

A1 Insignia is honoured to dress our military at home and across the world.


Our custom military patches are battle field proven and sewn to last. Combine our top quality with low prices and you can’t go wrong. A custom military patch is also great for military reunions, and keep sake memorabilia. We have the ability to reproduce and duplicate existing patches that may no longer be made or have since become damaged or worn out. Perfect for a unit get together or just to remember your military service.


We know that military patches are an important part of any service member’s uniform. Whether you’re in the Army, Navy, Air Force or even the Cadets, your patches are what make you stand out from other members of the service and other services themselves. They are a great way to build morale and ‘esprit de corps’.


We’ve created patches for many purposes, including unit shoulder patches, unit colour patches, field patches, deployment patches, and brassards.


You’ll have the opportunity to include up to eight colours on your patches and can design them in any shape or size to meet specifications. We create our patches using the finest materials and take pride in our work.


Are our Military Patches approved by the Australian Defence Force?

A1 Insignia is a preferred Defence Supplier having supplied patches, brassards and epaulettes to the Army, Navy and Air Force including the Defence Cadet Organisation. We are also accredited by the Defence Materiel Organisation.


You can rest assured that any patch that we do for you are compliant with the relevant service Dress Manuals.  Most of the standard designs are already held on file.