Sublimated Patches

A custom sublimated patch (or colour printed badge) is a unique process that achieves virtual photographic quality. The colour process gives your custom sublimated badge unequalled detail with vibrant colour and clarity of subtle and continuous tones. The dynamic visual quality of these patches are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Your clients, customers or members of your organisation will surely take notice of them and that’s what branding is all about.


No need to count colours. Colours are limitless. One hundred colours are the same low price as one colour. There are no additional charges based on coverage. From 10% to 100% coverage, your patch is the same low price.


How are sublimated patches made?

A computer printer uses heat to directly transfer dye into the fabric to produce a photo-realistic effect. This is the same process used to create photo mouse pads or puzzles. Unlike screen printing, this washable and dry-cleanable image is permanently dyed into the fabric of the patch, not merely painted on its surface. Any image digitally captured can be faithfully reproduced.


A custom sublimated patch can be made in virtually any shape or size. Contact us today to inquire about this beautiful process and let us perfect your image.


You can even combine embroidery with sublimated - for example text can be embroidered onto a sublimated badge to give a 3D effect.